How to Become a YouTube Beauty Guru

Hey lovelies,
I get asked alot for advise and tips on how I started my YouTube Channel “Make me Stunning“.
I was planning on doing a video tutorial, but there is just so much information I figured a blog post would be easier and more informative!
So I want to run though the whole basics with you from, starting a account, equipment and creating amazing tutorials!



First things first you will need to Create YouTube account (most of you might already have one).
But in the spirit of going back to basic here it is

Go to

All you need to do is click the Blue Button which is “Create A Account”
The it will take you to this screen this is where you fill out all your details
INCLUDING your user name! This is very important because it is the name that everyone will associate with you and your channel! Try and make it something that reflects you and your Channel.
 Also try and make it something simple, keep numbers and extra letters to a minimal this way your channel will be easy to find and most importantly easy to remember!
Also Try and make your password as STRONG as possible!
Once you have Created a YouTube account this will now also be your Google account (considering they are interlinked!)


So onto the fun part! Designing your Channel. My Channel is on the “new” YouTube setting.
this is where you can add colour, banners, a profile picture and personal information about you and what your views can expect to see on your Channel. Channel Tags is also there! this will help others find your channel! Add thing that are relevant to your channel like
“makeup, cosmetics, tutorial, how to, beauty” and also your Channel name etc etc.

DONT FORGET! when your ready for people to see your Channel click on “make Channel Visible” otherwise it will come up as “in-active!”and your views will not be able to see or access your Channel.


Some of this is Necessary while others basically improve the quality of your videos its up to you how much you want to spend etc!


I reckon you already guess that though! Obviously the better the camera the better and clearer the video! I got mine as a present from my Hubby 1 year ago! its been a fantastic starting camera but soon i would like to upgrade!
If you can find a camera that has a swiveling view this makes filming a piece of cake! I use this as my mirror!
My Camera is a Sony Handy Cam DCR-SX43

I also highly recommend getting a tripod it will make your life 1000x easier!


This is up to you! but i love taking finished result photos. I use the flash on the camera i find this brings out the colour and the full look of the makeup!


Obviously you are going to need a computer and a editing program! I started off on a old Microsoft laptop heaver then a brick lol! The first editing program i had was “Corel Video Studios” it was ok. There wasn’t as many options you had with editing it was pretty basic, but a very good starting point!

Now Ive moved up in the world lol. I now have a iMac desktop computer (once you go Mac you never go back lol). Im now currently using iMovies. Which is fantastic! it took me a while to wrap my head around but once i got there it is incredible! You can change the colour of your clips, reduce noise and shake, you can add pictures and transitions. Also you can record voice overs!



Lighting is very important to make a high quality video! Especially if its a beauty related video, you want your views to be able to see the exact colours that your using etc! Up until recently i was using sunlight only! This worked quite well, however sunlight is UN-predictable and i usually could only film at certain times of day. I now have bought some lights

 I have two sets to use either side of the camera to really lighten up my face, without creating shadows!
The globes that im currently using are just standard globes! BUT i did get the “white” light instead of the “warm” light! I feel it makes the light more natural without casting a yellow glow!


This is another thing that I’ve only had for a few months but it makes a huge difference!
I have a Logitech Headset.

This really cuts down any unwanted noise and makes your voice crystal clear! There is nothing worse then a tutorial that your cant hear or understand!
If your planning on NOT doing voice overs just remember when filming its a MUST that your in a quite area, and if your outside be very wary of wind!


It is very important to have a nice backdrop for your movies. I have a few that i can choose from. Sometimes i sit in fount of my dresser so my jewelry etc are visible. This gives a more laid back feel, and i use this setting for more reviews and hauls! The only down side of that is the mirror! its not the best idea to have a mirror behind you as you dont want to create too many angles or distractions.

For more in-depth tutorials i hang a piece of coloured material or i just sit in front of the painted wall (be wary of power points etc). this minimizes all distractions so the view can focus on you and you alone!


This is just a quick tip! When your on camera and your representing yourself and your channel you need to be well presented. The views will notice EVERYTHING! trust me i know!
So if you can make sure your hair is well groomed, your wearing nice clothing and jewelry, your nail polish isnt chipped AND your eyebrows are in shape!
Its true alot of effort goes into making a 5min tutorial lol!


So now that all out of the way, let the fun start!
Make tutorials that you want to! Diy and basic tutorials always go well! like
~Foundation Routine
~how to apply lipstick
things like that! Also music videos are great inspiration and red Carpet look! BUT other people will think the same so i recommend you be quick in getting the tutorial up! Because 100’s of other people will be doing the same look and the less versions out their the more chance you have of yours being seen! Same thing goes for music that has been out for years! try and re-create recent looks! If your stuck for inspiration ask your viewer if they have any requests!
Also try not to make your videos too long! I know some times its UN-avoidable BUT if a simple tutorial is too long you may end up loosing your audience or they will get bored so try to keep your tutorials under 7mins!
And finally be wary of spelling! (not that i can talk) but people will notice if you make mistakes, watch all your tutorials before you upload them and even get a friend or family member to triple check them for any mistakes.
AND i guess i should say be wary of the content and material you upload. Dont upload anything that would be considered offensive- as your videos can easily be flagged and removed.
Now the rest is up to you!


Please dont upload anything that isnt yours! YouTube keep a close eye on all videos for copyright, and if your planning on applying for a partnership copyright will not be in your favor.
You may have your videos or even your account deleted, let alone legal fines.
Make sure all your content is owned by you or you have written permission from the owner to use their material.This will keep your account in “good Standing”.


All editing programes will have a “Share” section where you can easily upload videos to youtube.
Otherwise you can upload videos through YouTube. One the YouTube homepage next to search and browse there is a “Upload” button! Click on it and follow the prompts. Once your video is uploaded click “edit info” and you can fill in all your details (below). Also you can choose what category you video suits best. ie. Music, Cars etc. For beauty videos i choose How to & Style. As well here is were you can allow or disable ratings, comments and video embedding. And make your video public or private.


Video tags are the most important part of your video! they allow your video to be found by others so try and as many as you can, with the most relevant at the front of the list. You can also add in your YouTube name, and where your from if you like!
These are tags i used for a wedding makeup look.


the description box is very important! here i add everything, a short story about the tutorial that ive created. You can also list link to where to find you and any products used, and link to your other pages or channels or previous tutorials! You can also link previous tutorials by “creating a video response” in the comment bar.


Thumbnails are equally important. these are the little picture of your tutorial! the better thumbnail the more enticing it will be to look at your videos. HOWEVER…only YouTube partners can upload their own thumbnail, everyone else will have to make do with what they have!
You always get given 3 choices of thumbnails that are taken at random parts in your movie. Sometimes you might be lucky and get a good one in there, other times you wont be as lucky! My advice to you is to upload your videos as “private” then look at the thumbnails if you like one thats fine make it “public” again, if not add a few seconds to your video then re-upload its amazing how a few seconds can drastically change your tutorial thumbnails!
KEEP IN MIND- to only use thumbnails that are relevant to your tutorial and that will not be considered offensive!


These are just little links or speech bubbles you can add during your tutorial! I like to add in my foundation routine and also my brow routine this will cut down the length of your tutorial, by linking these routines rather then applying them every time in front of the camera.
Also its a great way for your other videos to get more views!


As some of you may be aware YouTube offer a “partner program”.
I highly recommend to everyone to apply, its free and if you get rejected at first then you can simple re-apply the next month!
The Partner program offers many perks, such as a page banner, added page photos and the ability to upload your own thumbnails. ALSO you like you tutorials with AdSence and you start getting paid for your work!
Now dont be discouraged, i have no idea with the criteria is for becoming a partner. Many people had told me you need 1000’s of subscribers and masses of video view! But with me personally i applied when i had 300 subscribers, just to see how i would go, and i got it!
YouTube will review your account, videos and engagement etc. It may take a few weeks to hear back.
So just go for it!!
Here is how to apply


Many Weights will try and scam you into buying subscribers, DONT fall for this, it is a sham!
Also many will offer SUB 4 SUB, its your choice where you go for this, but i feel like its cheating.
The best way to get Subscribers and view is to make great informative tutorials!
Also get out there in the YouTube community and make friends with others comment and rate others videos and build a relationship! I also reply to every comment i get! I love all my comments and for me this helps me build more of a relationship with my viewers!
Also ask your viewers to Rate Comment & Subscribe or Favorite the video!
Other then that the rest is up to you! Dont get discouraged but others some channels will grow faster then others, most of the time is purely luck!


You can easily access your YouTube insight. Whether monthly yearly, its a great way to see how your doing in your tutorials. You can check what videos have been most popular, you can check where in the world your videos are watched and by who! Male female and age!

Also each video has its own insight inclining where your viewers found your video, or any sights that its been embedded on!


Well your putting yourself out their, so lets be honest its bound to happen! Just be prepared because not all comments will be nice or supportive, the majority are but there are always a few negative comments.
You can prevent this from enabling “comments with aproval only” or disabling ratings on your videos.
In my experience all negative comments including “dislikes” are purely for jealousy! If you have put the work in and made a great tutorial the only reason for “dislikes” etc is from jealousy! I have found that all the negative comments i get are from people who have no YouTube channel of their own. So of course for them its easy to be critical of others. My advice it to ignore and delete all negative comments. If its a certain person you can easily block them by going to their page and clicking “Block User”.


If you like create or link Facebook, twitter, blog and email account to your channel and to your videos description box.
This will help build your fan base and make it easier for people to get in contact with you!

So i hope you have found this useful! PLEASE leave a comment letting me know what you
think! this has literally taken me days to perfect!
Lots of love


By uniquelifestyles

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