You are so thin, Why are you so skinny?” • Being skinny….

Let me begin be telling you about me. I am quite a tall person for my age, I am almost 15 and I am around 5ft10″. I have always been very thin, but as I have grown taller, it has become a lot more noticeable, if I was smaller I don’t think I would look as thin. I weigh 7st7lb which isn’t the average weight for my height, I am underweight.

I hate being underweight, I am not anorexic and I do not have any eating disorders! I eat like a regular teen girl does. Burgers, chips, McDonalds, I do eat healthy foods as well, home cooked meals, salads, fruit, vegetables. The only reason I am thin is because I have a high metabolism and I learnt about this a few months ago in science and it put a lot of my worries to rest.
Basically, your Metabolic rate is the rate at which the chemical reactions in your body happen. These chemical reactions break down your food, the slower your Metabolic rate, the more obese you naturally are, the faster your Metabolic rate, the more skinnier you naturally are. This is why it is very hard for me to put on weight, because I have a high Metabolism!
People never consider that it is just their Metabolic rate that makes them thin.

A lot of people think that you should be lucky to be very thin and not obese, but those people are obviously not skinny because they do not have a single clue what it is really like!

Ever since I was in primary school, people have always said to me things like, “You are so skinny”, “Why are you so thin?”,”You need to eat a bit more”. When I was in primary school it wasn’t that bad, only on the very rare occasion would someone say something like that to me, but even still, it would still upset me.
I could never understand why people would say things like that to me, they would never even dream of saying things like that to an obese person, “You are so fat”, “Why are you so chubby?”,”You need to eat less”. No they wouldn’t because to say something like that to an obese person is seen as a serious insult, so why is it acceptable to say something like that to an underweight person?

I am currently in secondary school and I get comments like that a lot more frequently, “you need to eat more”, “get some meat on those bones”, however, one of the worst is about my legs “how can you walk on those sticks?”,”Your legs are like sticks.” What? Why would you ever even think of saying something like that to me? What goes on inside your head to think that saying that is okay? Some people don’t mean it in a horrible way, they don’t intend it to hurt me, but that is something horrible to say and it does hurt me. They wouldn’t say something like that to anyone else, so why is it okay to say it to me?

I don’t know how to answer something like that, I usually just laugh it along and try and quickly change the topic of conversation, I sometimes just don’t answer them, just ignore them, pretend I didn’t hear what they said. I try to think my self lucky to be thin and just ignore the awful comments, but it comes up almost everyday. People constantly saying things like “I am so fat”, and then everyone answers “no you are not fat!” But if I said, “I am so skinny”, everyone would say, “yes you are, too skinny.”

I am really self conscious about my weight and how I look due to all of the nasty comments I receive. I hate it when it comes to dance at school or physical education, because I have to wear shorts and that is when people start to say things. Even some of my closest friends say things like that, then I think to myself ‘are they actually my friends?”Would a true friend say something like that?’
I hate wearing things that reveal my legs, which is why I have never been a big fan of summer and having to wear shorts, but this year I have been really pushing my self to wear them.

I am becoming more happy with the way I am and I am learning to deal with those comments and stand up for my self and say things back or just ignore them.

So is it okay for people to comment on someones weight? No! Would they like it? No!
Everyone is different, there shouldn’t be an average weight for height, because everyone is different!
Think before you judge someone, do not comment on their weight because you are not perfect, nobody is!

Everybody is different, respect that!


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