How to pack a Purse for Class

  2. Find out what items are not allowed in school. Knowing this will help prepare your purse so you don’t get in trouble for having the items. Usually this might include gum or electronics.

  3. 2

    Pack any cosmetics you wear on a daily basis. This could include cover-up and eyeliner because it wears off quickly. Also pack lip gloss.

  4. 3

    If gum is not allowed, pack mints to have fresh breath. Bad breath makes it harder to concentrate on anything else, especially the lesson.

  5. 4

    Keep a small hairbrush and mirror if desired. Look in the mirror to brush your hair when it gets out of control and to apply make-up.

  6. 5

    Pack a snack or a lunch. If you’ll be gone for a long time, be sure to bring something to eat so you don’t get hungry.

  7. 6

    Remember to keep a good amount of pads or tampons at hand. Even if it’s not your period or you do not have it yet, you can always get it at school.

  8. 7

    It’s always good to have a bottle of hand sanitizer available in your purse for you to use to prevent the spread of germs.

  9. 8

    Don’t forget to pack tissues, to wipe your nose and avoid the spread of germs.

  10. 9

    Have hair elastics and headbands to keep your hair out of your face. These come in handy for gym class.

  11. 10

    Take water, you need a small bottle of water to keep hydrated.

  12. 11

    Money is another thing. Just for emergencies and lunch money. Be careful about where you put in. It could be stolen or lost.

  13. 12

    Cell phone. If you have one, take it only if it’s allowed. If not, keep it home, turn it off, or store it in your locker.

  14. 13

    Also you may want to keep some nail things such as nail files or clippers if that occasional hangnail pops up.

  15. 14



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