Creating your Personal Style

Your teen years are all about fitting in, not standing out, right? We disagree! Sure, you’re not trying to be that girl with the hot-pink hair, but you want to be yourself! What can you do if you want to stand out — but still fit in with all your friends? Here are ideas for how to have your own personal teen girl style through little details and finishing touches that will get you started in developing your own personal style.


Determine Your Thing

The first step to developing your own style is to know what you’re all about. What do you like about yourself? Do you have great hair? Charming smile? Beautiful skin? Crystal-blue eyes? Long legs? It is easiest to work around those characteristics that make you feel good about yourself and choose a complementary style.



Accessories are style’s quick fixes. You can’t go wrong if you throw on a terrific belt, a great beaded bracelet or the perfect statement necklace. Hair accessories are also a nice addition. Beware, however, of over-accessorizing. Less is more. Your accessory style shouldn’t scream!


Add a Vintage Touch

What’s old is new again. Research the vintage shops near you and pick up an inexpensive jacket, a whimsical purse or a pair of earrings from the 1970s. Combine a vintage item with your new, trendy school clothes, and your same old style has a cool vintage look.


Put On a Hat!

Not everyone can wear hats and feel comfortable, but if you can, you have a winning style. There are so many varieties of head accessories from bandanas to head bands to baseball caps. Do it up! Not many can!


Slip On a Pair of Shoes

Your look isn’t complete unless you’re covered from head to toe. Slip on a pair of colorful flats, strappy sandals, warm boots or bright running shoes. It’s an easy way to change your look and the perfect final touch.


Play with Your Hair

Your hair may be your untapped center of style! Experiment. Straighten. Curl. Tease. Up, down, to the side. Usually go for a low pony tail? Try a top knot bun! Look online for how to pull these off. You’ll be surprised to see how many different looks you can come up with.


Make it Up!

Wear makeup that complements your skin tone and your skin type. Once you have a basis for your face, you can be daring — experiment with colors and styles that highlight your favorite features. Consider a purple eye shadow to make your eyes pop or pick a signature pink lip gloss color.


Your own personal style is the signature you become known for. Make it a color or a scent. Maybe it’s your love of hats or your talent for mixing styles. Who knows — maybe you have a knack for awesome socks! As long as it makes you happy, confident and, most importantly, comfortable, you’ll find what style works for you. Your style will make you feel good about yourself and get you noticed. You may even start some trends of your own!


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